Built Around You

Why South Carolina Agribusiness?

Agribusiness continues to grow in South Carolina. It’s a vital part of the state’s economy with a $22 billion impact every year. From smaller, family owned farms to large-scale farms, beef and poultry, timber and other specialty items, SC is perfectly positioned for new agribusiness opportunities.

For example, South Carolina has an exceptional combination of uncommon advantages other states just can’t offer.

  • 4.8 million acres of farmland
  • The country’s most efficient port
  • 41,000 miles of highway
  • A location within 1,000 miles of 75% of the US population
  • A cost of living 12% below the national average
  • Energy averaging 5.9 cents per KWh

And, that’s exactly why the Office of Agribusiness Development was established – to promote state’s benefits and diversify agribusiness opportunities. So, whether you’re in food processing, packing or any other ag-related business seeking to expand or relocate, South Carolina is built around you.

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