Success Stories

Senn Brothers Inc.

Senn Brothers started in 1944 with two brothers who aimed at having their own produce business. Two quickly jumped to six, as four other Senn brothers joined the company, and ever since then, Senn Brothers Inc. has been a family operated business.

Started on Assembly Street, the company moved to the old market on Bluff Road in 1959. Today, they have expanded their facility at the new SC State Farmers Market. In just five years at the new market, Senn Brothers has doubled the size of their business, and is capable of addressing all of the modern Food Safety Regulations needed to meet the high standards of their corporate customers.

“We are always looking for continuous growth; in both the marketplace we serve and the farmers we source from,” said co-owner Gregg Senn. “Whether we’re handling a large order for our military or sourcing specialty items for local restaurants, we can easily manage a wide variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and other specialty items to satisfy our customers needs.” Senn Brothers currently serves over 800 restaurants, school districts, military bases, and prisons.

Alongside the existing specialty items, Senn Brothers has recently expanded their selection to include dairy products such as milk, buttermilk and sour cream.

Senn Brothers demands that all of their suppliers meet the good delivery standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Perishable Agriculture Commodities Act (PACA) in order to insure the wholesaler’s high standards for quality and safety.