Success Stories

Walther Farms

Walther Farms is a 3rd generation family farm that has been farming since 1946. Leonard Walther Sr. and his wife Regina started Walther Farms in 1945 in Clio, Michigan. The farm eventually shifted to potato production in the 1960s and has been supplying potato chip processors ever since. In the early 2000s, Walthers began growing potatoes for the table stock market and have steadily increased annual production in this segment year after year.

Leonard Sr. and Regina’s four sons, the 2nd generation of Walthers, helped the operation grow and now the third generation continues to expand the farming operations.

Walther Farms came to South Carolina to start growing potatoes because of the sandy soil, climate and water. They believe South Carolina is where potatoes can and should be grown. Moreover, they expanded into the state to lessen the carbon footprint of potato production and transportation. Most of South Carolina’s table potatoes come from the upper northwest region of the United States. Walther Farms has identified regions east of the Mississippi River with sandy soils that help replenish the water supply for potato production to help meet east coast market demands.