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South Carolina is Just Right for Agribusiness

The Office of Agribusiness Development (OAD) is a newly established division of the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, created to expand farming and agribusiness opportunities in South Carolina.

Agribusiness volumes continue to grow and show growth as a vital component to South Carolina’s economy. Referred to as the agribusiness industry, the agriculture and forestry industries represent one of the largest economic sectors in the state.

The Impact Of Agribusiness On South Carolina

As agribusiness grows in South Carolina, the demand for higher margin, specialty crops will grow exponentially. With a new demand for specialty grown crops, we anticipate more conventional row crop farmers will examine the viability of diversifying their operation and explore the feasibility of growing new, higher margin crops. Those interested in these opportunities can know that the OAD provides resources and assistance to help farmers with their new endeavors.

We antipate these expansions and diversifying operations to have an incredible impact on rural communities throughout South Carolina. We hope to revitalize the culutre of our rural areas by creating more jobs and seeking capital investments that will improve per capita income. The goal for our first year is to generate over $100 million in new capital investments within SC’s agribusiness industry.


Jack Shuler


Clint Leach

Assistant Commissioner