Success Stories

Titan Farms

For first-generation farmer Chalmers Carr and his wife Lori Anne, the peach business has been ripe with sweet success. In 2001, Carr opened Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, South Carolina and now the producer of peaches, bell peppers and broccoli has become one of the largest and fastest growing farming operations in America.

Each year Titan Farms produces an impressive 4,000 acres of peaches — making it the largest supplier in the East Coast — more than 300 acres of bell peppers and 250 acres of broccoli. Carr says when he started Titan Farms more than a decade ago, he had no idea his company would become a major supplier of produce to over two thirds of the country.

“We had a desire to grow, we saw an opportunity, but being a first generation farmer without family to tell us how to do it, concerned us; but it turned out to be a blessing not a curse. We were able to try new things and develop our own best practices and we have been successful,” Carr said.

And the success keeps growing. Titan Farms supplies more than locally grown, quality fruits and vegetables; it also supplies a boost to the Ridge Spring economy. We employ 500 people in the heart of the season, says Carr. “When you look at rural counties, agriculture makes a high impact”.