SC Agricultural Tax Credit

South Carolina Agricultural Tax Credit

South Carolina provides a possible income tax credit or withholding tax credit to agribusiness or agricultural packaging operations that increase their purchases of products that are grown in South Carolina.


  • Must be an agribusiness operation or agricultural packaging operation
  • Must have a base year in which the company purchases more than $100,000 of agricultural products that have been certified as grown in South Carolina by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, and then must increase the number of agricultural units purchased in the following year by at least 15% over base-year unit totals
  • The selling farm must be an unaffiliated third party



  • Must submit application to the Coordinating Council by no later than September 30th
  • The Council, together with the SCDA, will determine whether an Applicant is eligible for a credit
  • An individual taxpayer may receive a credit of up to $100,000 during any calendar year